How To Choose A Good Auto Body Shop

Is your car damaged, or do you need to go for a routine check? There are a few things to consider when visiting an auto body shop. We give you advice on what you should look out for in order to recognize a good auto body shop, so that your next visit to the automotive mechatronics technician is guaranteed to go smoothly.

As an authorized auto body shop, which means that it specializes in a specific car brand and is technically very familiar with the vehicle models of the corresponding brand. Authorized auto body shops often also have more specific spare parts in stock. Independent auto body shops are not tied to any manufacturer and carry out work regardless of the vehicle brand. This also means that they cannot know every vehicle model in detail, and any necessary spare parts are not always immediately available. However, this fact is not an indication of poor quality maintenance, repairs, or inspections of the car.

Warranty and manufacturer guarantee

While the choice between an independent and an authorized auto body shop is obviously a question of personal preference and also one of money, there is another issue that often causes drivers to hesitate: Will my car’s warranty be guaranteed if I choose the independent alternative Auto Body Shop decisions? Your car is generally covered by two different means of protection: the warranty and the manufacturer’s guarantee. The former is a liability prescribed by law, which applies for a period of two years from the date of purchase. It is independent of the manufacturer and vehicle type and means that the seller of a car is generally liable for defects that were already present when the car was handed over and were unknown to the buyer.

The manufacturer’s warranty, on the other hand, is a voluntary service provided by the car manufacturer and varies in scope depending on the car. It is therefore bound to certain conditions set by the car manufacturer. One of the most common criteria of the manufacturer is the regular inspection of the vehicle. Many manufacturers point out at this point that the manufacturer’s warranty will be void if you do not have the inspection carried out at an authorized auto body shop.

However, you should note that the work that has been carried out on your car must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. In any case, you should have this assured in writing. Apart from that, there are certain points that indicate the trustworthiness of an auto body shop.

Service, friendliness, and communication

A good automotive mechatronics technician will be able to explain to you in detail what is wrong with your car, explain the individual steps of the upcoming repair, and, at best, show you defective parts. The auto body shop should inform you in good time about any delays in repairs. The manufacturer’s inspection lists are taken into account by a reputable auto body shop, processed completely, and properly entered in your vehicle’s service booklet.

Agreements and prices

Open communication means that you will be transparently informed about all costs by a trustworthy auto body shop; even if something changes during the repair and additional costs arise, you should definitely be notified of these in advance. Working and resulting in additional costs without your consent is an example of poor service. You should also be given a copy of the order, which records a cost estimate and all agreements made. Once the work is finished, you will receive a transparent, detailed invoice.

Order and cleanliness

Things may not always look clean in a car auto body shop, but if it looks chaotic, it is likely that the work is not done properly. There should be a certain basic order in the auto body shop; well-sorted parts, for example, indicate that work is carried out accurately.


When you pick up your car, a reputable car repair shop can show you the parts that were replaced and explain what work was done to the car and what costs were incurred.

If you are not sure which auto body shop you should visit, you can read reviews and testimonials from other customers on all comparison portals in advance to make your decision easier.